What a headache

I always am writing in my journal. This is my way of venting and keeping record of everything that goes on in my life. The other day I was writing about the experience with the rude HVAC technician who came to repair our HVAC system and clean out the ductwork. I don’t know what was wrong with this guy but it seemed he had a chip on his shoulder. It seemed like he was asking for a reason to get into a fight with me so I tried to just keep it cool and let him do his work. It didn’t help that he would call me down to the basement every now and then to ask me certain things like when was the last time I changed the air filter. Sure, sometimes I forget to change the air filter and I think it was 4 months since the last change. People are not perfect, get over it man! This guy gave me a real headache and honestly, I couldn’t wait for him to leave. Maybe the feeling was mutual as it didn’t seem like he wanted to be there either. I feel that HVAC companies should be careful about who they hire, because they’re not going to get positive reviews by having negative workers taking service calls. I had to admit, when the man was finished, everything worked well enough and the air quality was definitely improved. The guy told me to use HEPA air filters moving forwards. He said this like it was common sense that everybody should use that type of filter. What if I couldn’t afford HEPA air filters? I was going to use the filters that I could afford.

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