What a restaurant

I love going out with my friends, but sometimes I never know how to dress.  It seems like every place we go they have their own different air quality. There is nothing worse than being in your little black strapless dress and walking into a restaurant or night club, and having the air conditioning so low that you need to rush out to your car.  When you get to the car, you hunt for a sweater, and now you ended up looking like a hot mess instead of just plain hot. It’s amazing how quickly air conditioning can make a night out just plain fizzle. I’ve also arrived at a bar or dance club and I am already dressed to kill and I walk in and feel like the heating isn’t the only thing that is ready to kill that night.  There is nothing sexy about a lady dressed in her black dress and there is sweat stains under her arms, and the sweat is on her back on between her breasts. This is definitely not the way to look sexy. Of course there is the one time that I was out with a friend and he made reservations at this one restaurant for us. I had on a pretty blue mini dress that fit me perfectly.  When we walked in, the air quality was perfect. We stood waiting for our reservations, and I was so comfortable. The HVAC was set perfectly for comfort. Even when we were showed to our table, I was still comfortable. I asked the waitress what kind of HVAC they had because the air quality was so good, and she told me that the HVAC wasn’t on tonight.

AC system