What an awesome furnace

Some people would say that having patience is a serious virtue, but I know appreciate that I am constantly waiting for something or anything. I don’t specifically care for anticipation, or anything having to do with waiting plus finding out. It seems like the people I was with plus myself are constantly waiting on someone or something. Recently, the people I was with plus myself were waiting to replace the heating + A/C device in our Abode. The appointment has been set up 3 weeks in advance, so that the people plus myself could easily be prepared to have the heating, ventilation, plus A/C device replaced. Unfortunately, the morning of our heating + A/C device replacement, the heating + A/C technician contacted us by cell phone to say that they were running 3 hours late. I was quite shocked + surprised, plus the people I was with plus myself absolutely didn’t really know what to do. We waited most of the day for the heating + A/C technician to arrive. When they finally showed up, I was tasking out in the garden. There was no way for me to leave the house to do any other chores, because the people plus myself were waiting for the heating + A/C technician. They apologize for the extra trouble plus delay in Service, Plus offered us a 15% off coupon for the trouble. The installation for our up-to-date heating + A/C device was consuming of our time, so our entire day was completely wasted on this upgrade. I guess we should have known that we would be waiting.

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