What are some energy saving tips?

I have recently been trying to split back on unnecessary spending to keep my bi-weekly bills lower.

I’m trying to save up for a current car at the end of the year in addition to every little bit helps.

One of the suggestions I always see on money saving guides- right after they say to stop spending $6 on a latte every afternoon (that has never been an issue for me)- is the recommendation that you split down your heating in addition to cooling bill. I recognize the usual stuff, set your thermostat to 75 degrees in the winter, don’t run the central air conditioning too much in the summer, etc. I’m looking for important savings, but I’m not in a position to buy a current gas furnace in addition to central air conditioning with a good SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating- I always see that on the suggestions, but I don’t have the money for that right now in addition to my new gas furnace in addition to central air conditioning work great! I’m looking for cost-effective energy saving tips. Is there any sort of supplementary heating in addition to cooling that I can install to make it a little smoother? Are there air filters or gas furnace filters that make airflow more efficient? I’m just looking to save some money. What about smart thermostats? I keep seeing people explaining that their programmable thermostat has saved them a lot of money on their bi-weekly heating in addition to cooling bill. Is there any truth to that? Do you have a smart thermostat? Are smart thermostats easy to use? I care about any advice I can get! Thanks.

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