What causes mold to grow in air ducts and how best can one solve this?

Have you noticed the growth of funny substances on the ducts of your HVAC system? It is possible that you have seen some strange things growing on the unit or have noticed a peculiar odor every time the air conditioner is on.

If this is you, you need to act first and get to the root of this since this is an indicator that there is mold growing in your HVAC unit.

Usually, this shows excess moisture and warm temperatures since these are the conditions that foster the growth of mold. Inadequate ventilation may lead to water being trapped on the walls of your home when condensation takes place. This can happen when several things are amiss with your HVAC unit. First, the possibility of having an oversized unit is the first culprit. Generally, more extensive air conditioning units will cool a space faster and go off before dehumidifying the same room. This means that there will be excess moisture in the area when condensation takes place. To fix this, talk to the HVAC business near you and have the unit in your house rectified to the correct size. Several factors go into choosing the right-sized unit. Speaking to an HVAC technician will help with this. The second cause of mold is setting the thermostat at low levels. This often triggers the presence of moisture around the vents. The highly cool temperature on the vents condenses and forms moisture around the vent area when it meets the room’s warm air. It is best to ensure there is no differential temperature as this can easily lead to moisture formation and promote mold growth. While many people may ignore the effect of mold, you do not want to do this since it affects the quality of the air you breath

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