What else can help cool down a house in the summer?

I’ve had to get incredibly creative to find ways to cool down my house in the summer.

  • Several years ago, I used to get these ridiculously overpriced utility bills each month during the summer.

It was like a second mortgage payment! Rather than keep paying these rates, I felt it would be better to actually analyze the cause for why my air conditioning system was driving up the cost of utilities. When I did my research, I found that I was running the air conditioning system at a setting that was far too low. Normally, you should run the thermostat at a temperature setting that’s about five degrees over what you consider comfortable. Doing this allows you to slowly get used to warmer settings indoors, and cut energy costs considerably! Plus, another big part of the utility use was coming from the air conditioning system running all day while I was at work. I didn’t want to come home to a house that was burning hot though, so I had to do some research on ways to automate the air conditioning unit. So, I found a smart thermostat that could be programmed for a running schedule! To make things even easier, I could control the thermostat from anywhere by using a smart thermostat control app on my phone. Now I could just turn on the A/C at home when I was leaving the office, and the house would be perfectly cool right as I walked in! Ever since I got smart with my A/C usage, my bills have been substantially lower – and that’s the endgame.
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