What happened to good advertising?

On the other hand, she was having a lot of problems with not having enough heating

I don’t know what is happening to the business of advertising nowadays. It seems that no one can come up with something unique. When I saw a new advertisement the other day, I knew they needed to find someone who had some talent because these people weren’t doing it. I was expecting to get a phone number or a website for a new HvAC company in our area, when I started watching a new advertising. You have no idea how confused I was when the ad turned into an advertisement for weight loss. I had no idea what furnaces, air conditioners and HVAC maintenance had to with weight loss. I was so disgusted with that type of advertising that I turned off the television. I was telling my mom about the advertisement and she said it made perfect sense. She told me that before she lost weight, she was always looking for someplace where she had good air conditioning. She wouldn’t even go to the movies if there wasn’t adequate air conditioning in the theatres. Now that she had lost all of her weight, she is perfectly comfortable when it is a bit overly warm. On the other hand, she was having a lot of problems with not having enough heating. It seemed that she needed to have more heating because she didn’t have enough fat to keep her warm. She saw the correlation, and I thought maybe I missed a part of the advertisement that pulled it all together. I would rather just have a straight forward advertisement for weight loss and less cover up with the use of HVAC.


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