What I want to do with the money

After much deliberation with my own family, I’ve finally figured out what I want to do with the money I inherited from my grandparents. While my siblings were quick to spend their money on sports cars, home renovations or trips around the world, I decided to let my money work for me in a sense. My decision was to open up a shop! I knew there was never going to stop being a demand for products that improve one’s health, so I felt that a shop dedicated to healthy nutrition would be a good start. Plus, things like vitamins and supplements in general have a high value compared to the amount of space they take up on a shelf. The drawback to selling supplements though is that the shop can’t be too hot or too cold! I have to make sure I pick a space for rent that has excellent air conditioning and heating for the hot summer and cold winter months alike. On top of that, the HVAC system needs to be controlled by a modern thermostat that can quickly be adjusted on the fly. Something like a smart thermostat, which I can control from the device on the wall or on a phone or tablet, would be ideal for the convenience and fast response. Besides the excellent core HVAC system and the new thermostats, it would be smart to call and schedule a thorough cleaning of the heating and air conditioning systems already in place where the shop is going to be. That needs to include the air ducts, as the ductwork can hide problems like poor circulation and even mold growth! At this rate, I might end up spending my inheritance before I even have the store open.

HVAC rep