What is an annual Heating and A/C repair plan?

People, I need some help.

I’m a first-time homeowner.

Hopefully you can deliver myself and others some wisdom, advice plus input. The one thing I ask is that you don’t make fun of myself and others for not knowing. Deal? Alrighty then, great! So, what exactly is an Heating and A/C repair plan, and is it worth the money? Before you start breaking our deal, let myself and others be more certain. I understand that these Heating and A/C repair methods are exactly what they sound like: a repair method for an Heating and A/C system. I think a better question would be, what is a great Heating and A/C repair plan? Do you suppose what I mean? I’m reading through the many different Heating and A/C repair plans that are available through my Heating and A/C provider which seems enjoy some of them might be excessive. I’ll use air duct cleanings as an example. The Heating and A/C provider’s “gold” chance has the chance of an annual air duct cleaning. However, when I searched air duct cleanings online, it seemed enjoy once every 3 to 5 years is plenty. Honestly, I don’t suppose whether or not that’s plenty. It seems enjoy three or four years between cleanings would be enough, but then when I research why you should get your air ducts cleaned, plus some of the horror stories people discuss online, it makes myself and others want to have my air duct cleaned every month! Yuck! I’m just not sure what to do. Does anyone here have an Heating and A/C repair method that they’re really cheerful with? If so, Would you mind sharing with myself and others what you think is appropriate plus what you think is an excessive amount to pay for Heating and A/C servicing? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks to you all in advance!

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