What is lost is now found

As a child I begged plus begged my mom for a pet tarantula, and finally she said yes plus I got a tiny little rose hair spiderling.

Mom threatened myself and others with serious consequences if the spider ever got loose in the house, but well, just a few weeks later, the spider escaped, i just knew I would never find it again so I told my mom it died plus never brought it up again, but that was 10 years ago, but just Last year I was going to see my parents when Mom mentioned to myself and others that she had dropped a necklace down into Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C HVAC duct vent.

I told her I would see if I could find it for her. I detachd the grate plus found the necklace plus a spider web. Then I saw the spider. It was an adult rose hair tarantula. The entirely one I had lost as a child was here in the HVAC duct plus grown up plus healthy. It took a little bit of doing although I was able to coax the spider into a jar. Mom was shocked when she saw what I had found. It was then that I finally fessed up to losing the spider a decade before, but both of my parents were a bit aggravated however they also thought it was kind of funny. I told them that I would pay for a professional HVAC duct cleaning plus take the spider to my apartment where they would never see it again. That made them happier. I just can’t guess my little spider survived plus thrived all of this time, undetected, in the HVAC duct.



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