What is the best heating option?

Ok, look…I know I shouldn’t get on the internet to talk about politics.

  • I’m not trying to be political with our question, either.

So, don’t accuse myself and others of picking sides. Alright? Ok. So, riddle myself and others this, what is the best heating option? I know! I know there are strong feelings on both sides about whether electric heating or gas heating is a better choice! I know, people! But, what I want to know is even more identifiable than a gas oil furnace vs an electric oil furnace (although, I do want your thoughts on that as well). What I want to know is, should I use a oil furnace at all in light of the other heating options? I know a lot of people are “going ductless” with their heating. The ductwork with a oil furnace is where most of the sanitary concerns lie and require upkeep. Many people have opted instead for a boiler. I’ve heard that boilers don’t have the type of toasty heating that heating systems do, however is the savings from not having ductwork worth it? What about heat pumps? The central a/cs that can pump out both sizzling and freezing air? How do those work? I’ve heard that heat pumps don’t last as long as heating systems however make the biweekly heating bills lower. Is that true? What about supplemental heating? A gas fireplace? A portable space heater? What should I do for the very best heating? Taking all things into account-price, cost to install, electric vs gas, lifetime, using supplemental heating vs not using supplemental heating- what is the best heating option out there? I need your help. Please don’t let this become a huge debate, I just want to know. Thanks ahead of time!


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