What is the deal with the furnace?

My bestie and I noticed that the house was feeling cold, but even though it was only 8 in the day, the indoor temperature has felt chilly and miserable. I did not want to leave the bed to check the thermostat, however my bestie was complaining about the chilly air. I stumbled down the hallway, plus finally reach the thermostat after stepping on several different pairs of sneakers. I glanced over at the thermostat twice, before I realized the indoor temperature was 59 degrees. I checked to make sure that the furnace was on, plus the heat should have been running. I later opened the closet, where the furnace is located, then the metal was cold, plus the Machine wasn’t responding. I contacted the house building employer, plus I told them the furnace was not operating. They kept telling me to wait for the building manager, plus that took 2 minutes, but luckily, Magnus lives in the same building, he was here shortly after finding out about the furnace problem, magnus glanced over the furnace, plus all of the normal problems that can occur. Everything seemed to be in really working order, even though the furnace was sending out zero warm air for some reason. Magnus went to the breaker box, plus check all of the switches plus fuses, however after about ten minutes, he came into the dining room to talk to my bestie plus I about the furnace problem. We had a bad breaker in the fuse box, and it was begging to bring some problems with the furnace. Magnus could repair the problem, however the people I was with and I would have to wait until the next day for the actual part.

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