What part of no estate, do they not understand?

My mother recently passed away.  Even before the funeral, I was faced with calling her creditors about her credit cards.  Since that happened, I have been getting all kinds of letters from them. It seems that every wants to deal with her estate lawyer.  My mother did not have a will, except for her living will. She had left my sister and I directives as to what to do after her passing, but nothing about the bills.  I have explained to everyone that there is no estate, and I am just the next of kin. The next thing I want to know is who is the executor of her will. Once again, I need to explain that there is no will and I am just the next of kin who is taking care of the mail that comes in and making the phone calls.  Some people are very understanding of what has happened. I even had to explain that any insurance money has gone directly to her funeral. This once again begins the inquiry into her estate, and the lawyer that we have taking care of the estate. I am not a lawyer, and I have offered to allow them to give me the  name of the estate lawyer if they actually find one. I am having a difficult time coming up with the rest of the payment for the funeral director. If they find an estate lawyer, maybe I will be able to get a hand with paying for her funeral. I truly don’t believe that anyone will ever clear up this mess.

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