What should we do about the furnace

Every year, usually around November, I try to have the heating system in our house serviced by an HVAC professional. It helps the heating system run more efficiently, which is big for me since I am trying to get as many years as I can from the heating system! The furnace repair technicians said that having annual service and check-ups were invaluable for our system, especially with our winter weather in mind! Sometimes we have weeks at a time with temperatures never reaching past zero degrees, and that can be downright awful. We live close to a large body of water too, so wind chill can cut right through to the bone. Every year, someone in our town ends up dying in the cold because they overestimate their body and the ability to cope with the weather. People have died in their own driveway, just trying to get warm from the heating system in the car! The overnight temperatures have been around -31 degrees on average, so people freeze to death in hours – not days, hours. That is just frightening! For that reason, I obviously do not want the heating system to be unreliable, so I’ll do what must be done! If having a heating system repair service each year keeps the heating system in good health, I’m all for it. The heating system never takes too much time to work either, so the specialist must have some idea of what he’s talking about, right? Otherwise, I feel like I’d be running into heating system problems far more often.

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