What to do for HVAC help

I knew without a doubt that I was going to major in engineering around my junior year of high school. The rest of the time before graduation, I imagined my college career being nothing but inventing cool gadgets that I could share with my family and friends. When the end of my freshman year of college came around, I had managed to make nothing but a flashlight that only worked if you shook it. Working so hard to get into college in high school had me a little burnt out by the time I got to college. To make matters worse, our professors weren’t exactly the most motivating people. One professor made us watch a two-hour video on residential HVAC installation. Ironically, he picked one of the days that the building’s HVAC equipment was malfunctioning. The building was incredibly overheated. It was bad enough that we had to watch such a dull video, but we had to do it while sweating into our notebooks. One day, I actually started to feel sick from the heat. I let the professor know I wasn’t feeling well and said that I would be back when the HVAC equipment was fixed. While I waited for the new week to start, I followed along with the lecture notes that were posted online from my comfortably air conditioned dorm room. I was glad I was able to find a way to make it through that week without air, especially considering the fact that quite a few of my classmates dropped out because of it. It was terrible being so uncomfortable in class, but I wasn’t about to drop a course because of it. That would have been a huge waste of money.

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