When did this overheat?

The other Friday when I got inside from work, I came upon an absolutely sweaty house! That’s when my partner came to let me know what happened, and she said that our child was playing with the thermostat device then for some reason, she pulled it off the wall & broke it.  So, when I went to talk to her about this, she was now crying because mother gave her a wicked time about it! I gave a hug & squeeze to let her know that I cared for her. She asked me how I like her since she broke the darn device thing in the house. I told my daughter that it was such a material thing & it will be replaced. I explained about momma and that she was just sad because it will be expensive to fix it, however we didn’t care about that as long as she wound up okay. I asked her what she did and she said it looked like a big toy and she wanted to place it in her hands, so then she pulled it from inside the wall. She said that she hadn’t known there were connectors to it until it pulled it out of the wall and scared her.  That’s when the air conditioning quit working in our up-to-date home and she didn’t see what was going on until momma started yelling. I explained how it was not a toy and that it is absolutely dangerous so never do what she did. The wires could spark and cause a fire. I told her that Mom and I just wished for her to be safe, and we loved her no matter anything. She was absolutely broke into smile when I told her that part. I just told her to be certain not to play with our up-to-date control device the people from the HVAC place and I would have installed. I spoke to her excitedly that I would get a smart control one! She seemed geeked up about all that.

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