When we reopened our restaurant, it was better than before

We had to close down our little family restaurant for about a month at one point last year.

It was a hard decision for us to make, but I think that it ended up being the right decision for everyone in the end.

We were having all kinds of issues with our central heating and cooling system inside the restaurant and it greatly affected the indoor air quality for us and for our customers. We really wanted to make sure that the indoor air quality was at a level that was going to be healthy for everyone who came into our place, and so we decided to go ahead and close down for a lengthy repair period. We have a pretty large dining area and so there are lots of air vents and ductwork in the room. We talked to one of the local commercial HVAC companies to see what they suggested for us to do. They said that they would suggest that we go ahead and do a massive overhaul to our entire heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system. We agreed to doing the project and paying for the amount that they proposed. We had a little bit of trepidation because it was going to be a really big bill that we were going to be getting from the HVAC company. However, we went through with the HVAC system replacement and the new heating and cooling system is amazing. Now that we are done with the remodeling and we have the new furnace and air conditioning system, our restaurant’s air quality is top notch.

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