Where did all the trees go?

My mother was always the one who wanted to beautify the world. The shrubbery had to be evenly trimmed all over the property. She had his elderberry bushes sited perfectly, so he could picked every berry off the bush. She had his lilac bushes surrounding the yard to block out the traffic. They were sited with precision as well as had he put heads on them, you would feel they were soldiers sitting in a row. They were perfectly laid out as well as trimmed. When Mom put central a/c into the house, he was sad that the A/C unit interfered with his landscape. She didn’t care about the idea that all of his strenuous work was being marred by the ugly A/C unit. Mom asked his if he wasn’t the one who wanted a/c in our house as well as he said yup. He told his that along with a/c, there was going to be some changes. One of the changes, as well as an obstacle, was the outdoor A/C unit. She had to put up with it or have the a/c go away. I could see he thought about losing the a/c, although he finally succumbed as well as told him he wanted the a/c. A couple months later, he had flowers as well as bushes planted all around the a/c. She had bought a book that told his how to take care of the a/c unit. When Mom told his about the plants, he told him that there was nowhere in the book that said he couldn’t plant near the a/c. She had made a path between the a/c as well as the row of bushes. It had plenty of air space as well as you could get back to it easily, although he no longer had to look at it.


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