Where do I begin

My preferred films are superhero films; I couldn’t wait to see the latest DCU film with my boyfriend, Mark. The two of us got to the cinema early, got all our snacks and candy before anyone else, and we were some of the first in the theater to sit down and claim seats. Now, while prefer eating candy and snacks, and drinking sodas as I watch films – it’s half the reason I prefer going to a theater, after all – the other reason I prefer going to a theater in the dead of summer is the fact that they consistently make sure to blast the A/C in each theater like they are trying to combat a fire. Imagine being in a sweltering heat, then finally getting a reprieve in the form a dark, cool room with your favorite superheroes fighting crime. There’s nothing better than feeling the cool comfort of an industrial A/C. It’s straight-forward, it’s kind of obvious, but it is so satisfying. Seriously, I don’t think there is anything better than the feeling of walking into an air conditioned room that feels more like a snowstorm than a theater. I remember Mark turned to myself and others in the middle of the film plus said, “I can’t even think our toes, man! It’s so cold.” And I just laughed, because I knew it was true – that’s the power of central air conditioning, after all. Something we all may take for granted sometimes, but would all miss dearly if it were gone. A/C is the best thing since sliced bread, I’d say.

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