Where is the water coming from?

While heading down to do laundry last Saturday, my neighbor was met with the sound of spraying water and a very wet basement floor. She immediately called out to her husband for help.  He went down and shut off the main water valve but the water continues to pool on the floor. Upon further inspection, he found that the water was spraying from the holding tank of the boiler. There was no way to turn off the water that was coming from there so they simply tried to collect it in a bucket. My neighbor called for a repairman and was thankful that it was during the Fall when they didn’t need to run the heat yet. The holding tank finally stopped spewing water when it was empty and then her husband looked a bit closer. There was a crack along the seam line and he knew that it would need replacing.  While waiting for the technician they went online to see about ordering the part themselves. They learned that they could and that the installation was fairly simple too. The part was attached by clamps and seals so it didn’t even require any special tools. They ended up cancelling the repairman and ordered the parts themselves. Thanks to Youtube and other online resources, instructional videos have made if simple to make minor repairs yourself sometimes. If you are ever unsure of something, especially when it comes to something like your HVAC system, you should always trust a professional. They are fully trained and you never want to mess up something that you have invested a significant amount of money in.  

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