Where you can buy a Nissan

My bestie Luke is in the United States Navy and he gets shipped all over. I always go wherever Luke gets shipped. The last deployment Luke and I were in Japan. Japan is amazing and really high tech. I loved the technology, culture and food there. Luke just flat out loved the cars. With his work, he gets a car for free while on base. Luke was able to get a Nissan Skylines R32 to drive around the entire time all of us were in Japan. The JDM contractor worked right near the United States Navy and gave them a deal. So the car was brand new and also in great condition. Luke loved whipping around in his JDM car when he was off from work. I even drove the Nissan around for a little bit and liked it. After a few years in Japan, Luke was then shipped elsewhere and I had to follow. All of us were both sad to leave Japan and, more importly the car, behind. Luke was so angry without his Nissan Skylines R32 at our new lake lake house that all of us had to look into getting a single for him. Sadly this base did not task with a JDM dealer, so the car was not free. Also all of us had to get the car shipped to the US and because of importing regulations, the car had to be at least 25 years old. The car was still a fantastic a single, but Luke is entirely disappointed with his car now. All of us both agree that when his time is up in the United States Navy all of us will go back to Japan because it was way better there.

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