Which AC unit is best for me?

I loved growing up in the midwest. I had all four distinct seasons and I welcomed summer. I grew up in a home that was built in the early 1900’s. The house didn’t have a central HvAC system installed. We had a fireplace to keep us warm, but summer was different. Mom and dad bought a window air conditioner for their room, but the only way we got to enjoy the AC was when we were in their bedroom. On really hot days, we would all sit on their bed and relax with the air conditioning blowing on us. Over the years, the AC unit got really loud and it was more like listening to a helicopter take off, than listening to an AC unit. We couldn’t talk to each other without yelling, but it was nicer to sit without heating each other than to sit without air conditioning. We were all gathering together one afternoon, but the air conditioning unit wasn’t working. There was a lot of dust coming from the AC unit, but no cold air. My mom and dad went out to look for a new air conditioning unit, but they were confused. They read about window air conditioners and portable air conditioners. They had read that the portable air conditioner was more efficient and it didn’t need to be put in a window. This would save dad from having to put the AC unit in the window in the spring, and taking it out in the fall. The nicest part of the portable air conditioning unit was that we could take it from room to room. We easily transferred the portable air conditioner from the living where everyone was cool and comfortable into the kitchen during meals.

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