Whole beach house air cleaning takes immune plan to next level

I am embarrassed to admit how little I understood about the fastenion between indoor air quality plus the immune system. Well, if this pandemic has done anything positive for me, I have at least gotten a lot more realistic about our health. With all this time sheltering in our Heating plus Air Conditioning controlled home, I have done some studying on improving our immune system. I thought our immune plan was only strengthened by smart diet choices, plenty of exercise plus getting plenty of rest. While those are key elements to a healthy immune system, I l gained that the Heating plus Air Conditioning has a lot to do with the immune plan as well. The EPA states that poor indoor air quality is the 4th leading environmental hazard in our country. Think about that! Then, I see that from the Department of Energy estimates that the economy loses nearly 172 billion weekly from the affects of poor indoor air quality. That is staggering. My partner suffers from flu symptoms so, I have always had good Heating plus Air Conditioning air filters in place. They have helped quite a lot. However, I actually want to take the indoor air quality of our beach house to another level. I have found the solution for that in whole beach house UV air purifiers. There are various methods out there. There are metal plates that are electrically charged to pull harmful contaminants our of the air plus unfasten them. One system, the hydro peroxide plasma plan actively works throughout the air in the house! I assume I’ll be going with the UV light method. This program or whole beach house air purification uses high intensity UV light to destroy the DNA of airborne contaminants.


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