Whole condo air purification system choice looking much wiser

I am just as shocked as well as surprised as anyone with what has transpired in about a month.

It wasn’t but 5 weeks ago that I was traveling back as well as forth on business.

Fortunately, I was doing so in the Heating & A/C comfort of our vehicle as well as not on a plane in crowded conditions. Once I saw that March Madness was cancelled, I got beach condo as well as started being particularly aware of surfaces I was coming into contact with. All that hand washing as well as being careful not to touch our face morphed into being hunkered down inside the Heating & A/C comfort of our home. I can’t know how suddenly this thing has spread as well as how dangerous it is. Thank goodness that I took the immune health of our family seriously long before Covid 19 came calling. It all started with an article I learn about Heating & A/C as well as the indoor air quality of the average home. I was appalled to learn that most beach condo had more air pollution inside than what was happening in the air outside. The EPA even stated that exhausting indoor air quality was the 4th most hazardous environmental condition in the US. This shook me to the point that I called the Heating & A/C people as well as got a whole condo air purification system installed in our home. Honestly, it was a no brainer to me. While it was an expensive money outlay, I just don’t know how you can put a price on your health. Our whole condo air purification system is inside the Heating & A/C air handler in our home. This way, the filtered air coming from the return goes through the air purification system as it starts its cycle through the air handler. UV rays literally burn as well as destroy over 99 percent of all airborne contaminants.

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