Why even pay taxes?

I am about to go away for a week.  Even when I am at the hospital, I am constantly thinking to myself that I will not have a home to back to.  This business trip was causing some major anxiety. He enjoys grilling when I’m not home. The last time he grilled, I kept all of the fans on, the windows open, and the a/c on high.  He unfortunately forgot to close the windows and it took a long time to clear the air . Without the a/c, I have a difficulty breathing in the summer season. I have asthma, which causes the lungs to close when they are under stress, or when the air quality is bad.  The smoke in the air caused the air quality to go down. I often remind him I am worried that he will burn the house down all because he forgets to move the grill way from the house. He also always goes downstairs to his cave. His refuge is in the basement, where it is typically cool.  He usually doesn’t worry about the heat upstairs. I came home from visiting my brother one time, and my breath was taken away by the heat in the house. He said he hadn’t turned the a/c yet because he had been downstairs, where he doesn’t need the A/C . I’m really nervous about this upcoming trip.

cooling unit