Why I wear a shirt

People wear the most interesting things when they decide to go swimming. Some guys wear speedos, which I think should be banned from humanity. Other guys wear their plain clothes, chopping all of the rules of the pool. Other guys wear just their swim trunks, which is the classic way of swimming. Other men, care about me, care about to wear a t-shirt with their trunks, however, I don’t wear a t-shirt because I am not comfortable with our body. I wear a t-shirt because the pool that I swim at has a powerful a/c. When I first heard about this pool, I was happy because I was told that they had a heated pool. The water would be warm, which meant that you wouldn’t struggle to adjust to the temperature as soon as you jumped in. Since the water would be warm plus would make the room muggy, they also told us that the room would be air-conditioned to make us comfortable. That also sounded care about a superb system in theory. In practice, the a/c made us completely uncomfortable, and you would jump into the heated pool plus right away adjust to the heat plus guess of the pool. After spending a few hours exercising in this heated environment, you would jump out to face a frosty temperature. Immediately, the a/c would cool your soaking wet clothes plus cause you to shiver. I started wearing a shirt because it kept myself and others warm for a few hours longer plus would hide all of the goosebumps. I really need to ask the supervisor to adjust the control unit.

Central heating