why you need a smart thermostat

I bought a FitBit before they were wearable. It just clipped to my pocket or belt. It was really cool to be able to track how many steps I was taking, and it really helped remind me to get up and move every once in a while. I have since upgraded to the wristband version with a built in heart rate monitor, and it’s made me very interested in tracking everything that I do. Last month, bought a bed that has built-in tracking technology that shows me when I’m sleeping soundly, when I’m tossing and turning, and when I naturally wake up. It has be helpful in making sure that I get a proper night’s sleep. I think my next purchase will be a smart thermostat so that I can track the heating and cooling in my home more closely. I was talking to my HVAC provider about it when he came out to do my yearly air conditioner service, and he said that it was really easy to install, and it’s great for the budget. He told me that he could install a thermostat in every room of the house, and then I could program the air conditioner or furnace to only kick in when someone was occupying those areas. The best thing is I can actually link everything – my FitBit, my mattress, and my HVAC unit – so that I can see how everything works together to improve my life. I can even control it all from my phone, so that if I know that I am going to sleep after taking my dog for a long walk, I can make sure that the bedroom has the right heating or cooling for a perfect night’s rest. I love this new technology!