Wifi thermostats offer some convenient and energy saving features

When I started looking into a new thermostat, I was surprised by the improvement in the options on the market.

My thermostat was nearly twenty years old and nothing more than a plastic dial to adjust comfort levels. To raise or lower indoor temperature, I needed to manually set the dial. The one thermostat determined the temperature for the entire house, and it wasn’t all that precise. I decided it was time for a new thermostat because I wanted both remote access and zone control. I knew these features would save a considerable amount of money on monthly utility bills and reduce the wear and tear on the furnace and air conditioner. I could program the new thermostat to raise or lower the indoor temperature to conserve energy when I left for work in the morning and not come back to an overheated or freezing cold house. I liked the idea of being able to make changes through an app on my smartphone or my laptop. I had no idea that there were innovative and convenient features above and beyond wifi connectivity. The thermostat I chose is compact and attractive with a touchscreen interface that guided me through the whole setup process. For the first week after installation, the new thermostat kept track of any changes my family made and built a program accordingly. We very rarely need to make any type of adjustment. If we decide to go out of town, there is a vacation mode. Plus, the thermostat sends me an email when it’s time to change the air filters, schedule preventative maintenance or if there is a problem. If the indoor temperature should severely fluctuate, I get notified. The thermostat also alerts our regular HVAC contractor and the problem can often be solved through remote diagnostics.

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