Willing to learn about HVAC

My mom used to have this saying, and she insisted it was valid in any circumstance, “Son, in a world of the able but unwilling, be willing to become able.” I know, it sounds confusing but, even in our efforts to get ahead in our job, then as far as our mom was concerned, there was no shortage of people with the comprehension but no gumption, and she wanted me to be proactive and willing to learn – even if the subject was totally foreign… Such was the case when I recently started looking into ways to improve our heating system at home, but currently, I have a conventional furnace for providing enough warmth on the very cold mornings and afternoons throughout the year… When the weather is more even-handed but still freezing, I rely on our radiant heated floors to give light yet consistent heat to our home without running our utility bills through the roof. While these systems work good for keeping the home cozy, I still have cold spots throughout the home that I just can’t seem to eliminate! I was ready to settle on just using an electric portable space heater to heat those cold zones in our house, but then our dad’s saying popped into our head. With some reflection, I continued searching for an alternative, however eventually, I discovered radiant ceiling panels, which work just like radiant floors – except these hang from the ceiling, and supply warmth down towards the occupants of the house. This was perfect! Now I knew I had a high-efficiency plan for warming those cold areas of our house.

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