Window tinting because she is nuts about security

My spouse is nuts when it comes to security and privacy.

  • She also wants all the lights off, doors locked and is consistently asking myself and others if I heard a noise.

She got a pistol permit because she was so distraught about theft and protection. It is not weird for him to grab her gun and start walking around outside because she heard a sound, however our street is absurdly safe and I just roll our eyep at him. Still, she wants to suppose safe. So I have allowed him to install a high end security proposal with cameras, lights and a timed program. I even let him lock the doors just about as often as she wants. I put our foot down when she has all the doors locked and I am outside the house. I can’t get inside because she locks myself and others out freuqently. My spouse recently told myself and others that windows need to have locks on them and blinds. I suppose what will happen. She will have the blinds drawn all the time and no natural light will be let in. It will be like living in a cave. I hate the look of blinds too. I hate cleaning them. Curtains are much softer looking, however again, our spouse will always want them closed. I found online that I can get apartment window tinting services quite cheap. A window tint just adds a slight color to it, and from the outside you would see purple, black, grey or whatever color you want. From the inside you can totally see out of it. I think our spouse will like being able to watch people separate from them knowing. It is discouraging. I need to look into window tinting upgrades because she is nuts.


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