Winter is beautiful and terrifying all at once

The roof needed some serious work, and I had to have the siding repaired.

There is something entirely awe-inspiring about looking at the ravages of Wintertime out on the lake. I stood on the shore of the lake, looking out at the vast frozen tundra. It was taxing to realize there was a vast body of water beneath all the ice. It reminded myself and others of a scene from a show or movie about the Arctic. There was frozen ice as far as I could see. I walked back to my house, wondering what kind of destruction my apartment had. I never unquestionably thought about my apartment when I was looking at the lake. If the wintertime could make these amazing swings to a body of water, what was it doing to my precious home? I knew I had to have my lake house checked pronto. The wind buffeted my roof and siding all wintertime long. The ice and snow laid heavily in the yard, covering the air conditioner unit too. My furnace ran continually. I was distraught that I was doing destruction to everything, and I hadn’t done anything to take care of it in many years. I made a vow that this year I was going to make a serious change. I had a construction supplier come in and check out my home. The roof needed some serious work, and I had to have the siding repaired. The building contractor told myself and others he was going to have a heating and A/C serviceman come in and look at the furnace and air conditioner unit. He explained that AC units were made to withstand the weather. The furnace was in wonderful shape, but it needed a wonderful cleaning. All in all, my apartment was faring well, even through the dire weather here…
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