Every member of my family knows that always avoid the house during winter. By reason of that, I do only seasonal jobs and a Christmas bonus is never available to me. I kind of wish it were, but  I am not about to brave ice and snow just for that. I really hate the cold, and only dire emergencies like severe illness or the house being on fire, would force me to disturb my hibernation and venture outside. The thought of our HVAC system quitting during the cold gives me chills. Because of that, I have quite a few space heaters of varying sizes and shapes, as backup, should such a disaster happen. I make sure to have loads of air filters all the time, and I replace these filters myself. My HVAC serviceman knows me by name and I have his number on speed dial. Last summer, after he had examined and cleaned our HVAC ducts coils and more, he joked that mine must be the best maintained HVAC unit in this town. I replied that that  could be because I feared the cold more than anybody else in this town So, my furnace is in perfect condition and I’m am all set for Winter. Still, I have heard tell that there have been great strides in the the HVAC manufacturing industry. Researching that and choosing something better to replace our HVAC, will be my project this winter. If I were at work, I could probably afford to buy a new HVAC system instead of just reading about them. Ah, well. That really can’t helped.