Wisdom from my father

I’ve come a long ways in my life. Recently I have bought a house and was able to move my family in. I was talking with my parents about being a new homeowner and they congratulated me for the achievement. We had plenty of yard space for the kids to run around and the place we purchased already had a nice little swing set in the back. My daughter especially loved swinging away on the swingset. Something my father was telling me about was that I had to be responsible with my new home. He said the most important thing was the HVAC system upkeep. He was telling me how I should think about enrolling in an HVAC system maintenance plan which would cover all the essential HVAC upkeep year to year. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to sign into some sort of contract like that, but he insisted it was the best way to save money and increase the life of my HVAC system. I figured he was right since he has been a homeowner for so long. He assured me that I would thank him one day, because my utility bills would be lower and I would have peace of mind knowing I could get through the extreme weather seasons without worrying about the HVAC equipment breaking down. I had to admit, I didn’t want to have to worry about something like that, especially since I have my kids in the house. He told me a story about how one winter when he was a new homeowner, his HVAC broke down and he had to pay for emergency repairs. It was a cost he swore he would never pay again.

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