Wish we had a/c upstairs

My cousin Sandra had consistently told me that if I wanted to transfer to the city, she would have a place for me to stay… She had literally been telling me this for years, in an effort to lure me away from small time life and join her in the urban jungle! Well, after several years of considering it, I finally took the plunge and made the move. When I showed up on her doorstep, Sandra was easily surprised to see me. She had long ago given up on thinking I would ever move out, and so had taken in some other roommates. The only space she had to offer was a cot in the attic, which had no a/c in the least. The tiny room also had no heating, however that was not going to be a problem for me at all, since the room never seemed to dip below 100 degrees. As boiling as it was, it was still a free place to live, so I decided to look for a job, and find a portable A/C device I could use while I slept in the attic. I was able to kill two birds with a single stone, and found a used air conditioner at a pawn shop that was also looking for some part time help. The owner of the store sold me the A/C device at a discount, as a signing bonus for coming to work for him. I’ve got to say that it is not so great, and this portable a/c device is a total piece of garbage, however it’s better than having nothing.