With my experience, I would say UV air cleaners toil well

Recently, I was trying to weigh the pros and cons of a UV air cleaner compared to just a official air cleaner! A buddy of mine was saying that the UV air cleaner is just a sizable waste of money, and he said that the UV light that they claim kills harmful bacteria and viruses is baloney and likely doesn’t work, well, I wanted to see for myself so I decided to get 1 of each and use 1 at a buddy’s new home and 1 at my locale; Of course, I wanted to have the UV air cleaner at my house, then for some reason, I just felt love I would love feeling safer without the added risk of getting sick with the UV light working to eliminate dangerous germs.

I spent a whole month at my new home with the UV air cleaner and then I went over to my friend’s new home to stay for the month there.

He didn’t mind because he wanted to assume what the outcome was for this little experience. Well, while I was at new home with my trusty UV air cleaner, I didn’t get sick at all. At my buddy’s new home after using the air cleaner for a week, I entirely came down with a cold. I honestly can’t be certain until maybe I do a few more experiments, however it honestly seems that the UV air cleaner works to prevent you from getting sick, and these days you don’t assume what kind of germs people are carrying, so I would say that it’s better to go get yourself a nice UV air cleaner if you want more than just fantastic air quality in your locale.

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