Woke up to no AC

I’m not sure there is anything worse in the world that waking up being covered in sweat. Then I have to wash the clothes, the sheets, and myself, regardless of whether or not I’ve had a shower the night before. Plus in my apartment, it always means the same thing–our AC has died yet again. I live in an older apartment building because the cost of living where my career is based is atrocious. I swear, you pay almost two grand to live in a utility closet. There’s a reason minimalism is so popular today and its entirely due to the housing market being so insane; they probably started the trend in the first place! After a cold shower and a change of clothes, I had to get up and call my landlord to get on the issue ASAP. Of course, this always leads to the same thing–I end up calling the heating and AC supplier and taking care of it myself. My landlord can’t do a damn thing. At least he doesn’t try to stick the cost of yet another HVAC repair on me; I think I’d sue him if he did to be honest. But of course, this means I know not only have to be sweating to death in my own apartment with its lack of air conditioning, but I have to continue to be in this sauna until the HVAC service guy shows up. And do they tell you when that will be? Of course not, it’s the usual central air conditioning party line of “someone will be by between noon and 6pm.”

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