Women in the workplace

The people I spend my day with in addition to myself certainly know that women can make the best heat pump in addition to AC equipment technicians. This is mainly because the people in addition to myself work in this field. There are certainly days when more than one of us will be sent out to a heat pump in addition to AC equipment repair or installation. The people I was with an addition to myself constantly receive the looks in addition to stairs. Some people even ask if we are qualified to do the work. It doesn’t make sense that the company would send an unqualified technician to service the heat pump in addition to AC equipment, but some customers still ask the same stupid question. The people I was with an addition to myself are skilled in many different areas that include furnace repair, heat pump installation, in addition to ductwork and Sheet Metal repair. I don’t believe that some people would worry about these people having the heating in addition to a c products installed, because it actually seems like this only happens for a woman. A lot of women will answer the door in addition to when they see another person standing there that looks the same. These people have been in this field for many years as well as it is a proud request to have a person working on these Heating in addition to AC equipment repairs. The women can perform the work in a quick amount of time in addition to the fact that they have a great attention to detail.

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