Work retreat – mostly care about HVAC

When my boss said that we were having to go on a company retreat I was a bit nervous. I like my co-workers well enough, but I like them from a distance. I have never spent that much time actually interacting with them on a one-on-one basis. You never know what personality flaws are going to come out when you let down your guard. Additionally, I had some major concerns about the indoor air handling devices at the cabin that we were renting. I have had way too many unfortunate indoor air temperature control failures at rental properties before. It ruins the entire trip when you are freezing cold or burning hot. Besides, I have a particularly difficult internal thermostat that requires a lot of indoor air temperature control for me to be comfortable. I don’t want to be the difficult employee who acts like a tyrant over the central heating, cooling, and air quality control thermostat. Beyond all of my air temperature worries, the air quality itself plays a big part in my health and outlook on life. I have a brutal set of indoor allergies that do not play nicely with any amount of dust, dander, or mildew. If we wandered into the house and found out that it was littered with airborne contaminants throughout the central heating and cooling system, I was going to be a coughing and sneezing mess for the entire weekend. I didn’t voice any of these HVAC concerns to my coworkers, but I did set up a secret emergency escape plan with my husband in case the HVAC was a nightmare.

indoor air quality