Working on my house

I recently moved into a new apartment, a little more than two months ago. The landlord did advise myself and others that, while in the summer, I would want to have some sort of air conditioning, as the home tends to be hot, but I already owned numerous portable A/C systems, so it didn’t discourage me. After I moved in, the first few months were a certainly mild temperatures. As summer started to heat up the temperature in the home skyrocketed to the point where I knew I couldn’t wait any longer before installing the portable A/C units. I realized then that the areas where I needed the A/C most had windows that were the kind I have to crank open instead of the normal sliding windows. At first, I thought I wouldn’t be able to use the A/C units at all! After talking to my uncle he informed me how to rig the A/C units for those windows plus everything I would need to do it. I went to the local hardware store soon after, bought what I needed, then started the project. The whole time, during the project, I was covered in sweat.  However in the end it was worth it because I was able to install both air conditionings although it was a lot of hard work though. I don’t suggest it! The only reason I didn’t complain more about it was that the landlord was so nice about the whole thing. She offered help if I needed it, but at that point I was already in the middle of it and I didn’t want to subject her to it. I was able to do whole thing myself. That first night sleeping in a nice air conditioned room was so excellent. It made all the sweaty work worth every bead of sweat.

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