Working on our energy savings

I recently took a vacation, well actually, it was more a job trip than a vacation.  I did have a lot of business that I needed to get done while I was there, however I did have plenty of time to also get out and experience the vacation-vibes. I was in a tropical location so the beach was especially enticing to me while I was there. At the end of the day though all I really wanted to do was climb into my bed back in my nice air conditioned room then fall asleep to the distant sound of waves. In a few mornings things changed! The A/C unit in my room became so loud that I couldn’t hear myself think and every time I turned it on the noise was extremely distracting. I couldn’t get any work finished nor go to sleep so I called the front desk and unfortunately there was no other room available for me to switch that night. The next morning I brought the problem to the attention of the hotel staff and on the bright side the hotel staff sent up their HVAC specialist to hopefully repair the problem that afternoon. I took my work elsewhere that day and when I returned to the room later that night, the problem was still not resolved. It wasn’t until the day after that, when the HVAC repair person came back yet again, that the issue was fixed. I was so ecstatic to have my peace and quiet back. The rest of the trip was amazing besides that little hiccup.

fix my HVAC