Working on the house

Making the house HVAC zone control capable is not that easy. It also is quite expensive to add that heating and cooling function to a home. My house started out just being central HVAC. I had one HVAC unit and ductwork that connected to it. With the air ducts, every room in the house got heating and cooling. No room could have a different temperature, but every space got access to heating and cooling. After that component died I got a ductless mini split. The ductless mini split comes with up to 8 indoor air handlers. You put an indoor air handler in each room of the house. The air handler then is what controls the heating and cooling. To have HVAC zone control, the air handler needs its own thermostat hooked up. The room then can have different heating and air conditioning from the others. Getting a new HVAC unit, multiple indoor air handlers and thermostat installation was not cheap. It also was a lot of time. The HVAC contractor kept going in and out of the house all day long. Now that we have HVAC zone control, I will never go back. It just makes sense to have different temperatures in different rooms. No person wants the same temperature when they sleep. Also, the kitchen having the same temperature as the living room doesn’t make sense. Cooking really can change the whole room’s temperature and what the person wants. The bathroom should always just be a bit on the warm side. My family is saving money and added comfort with this.

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