Working on the window

I live in an old condo with a few of my buddies.  All of us rented it out as seniors in school and decided to keep the place after graduation since we all landed jobs close to where our condo is.  There is a fairly sizable basement that at one point might have seen use as a spare downstairs apartment, but the place was in such disarray that we tended to avoid it whenever we weren’t forced to go down there to do laundry.  I finally got around to thinking about it one day and realized that if we’re going to stay in this condo for the foreseeable future, we should treat it like the home that it is and make as much use out of every aspect of the condo as possible.  That’s when it hit me–if we just spent a few weeks cleaning up the basement, painting, and maybe a tiny bit of remodeling–we could have an amazing bar and game room down there. My roommates loved the plan so we all got together the following weekend to get started.  In just a month we had that whole space cleaned out with a some workout equipment in one corner, a bar in another, and a pool table in the middle of the space with a tv and couch off to the side. The only thing we needed to complete the room was a window air conditioning system to keep us cool during the summer weeks.  We mounted it in the small ground level window above and before both we it everything was set and perfect in our current game room. Just a little bit of time and energy was all that was needed to turn an outdated dilapidated dustbin into a full scale recreation room.

heating and air system