Working out during different weather conditions

For working out at home, the best I can manage is using a carport that is covered.

  • It is long enough to accommodate two eight-foot folding mats.

The ceiling is high enough for me to jump without hitting it. During the Spring and fall, the weather is pleasant for exercising outside. I enjoy a slight breeze and the ideal temperature for my cardio, weight lifting and stretching. In the Summer, I make sure to get up early enough to avoid the heat of midday. When the 90+ degree temperatures arrive, it is a challenge to get motivated. No access to A/C means I nearly sweat to death the whole workout. There are specific exercises I don’t like performing when I’m overheated and sweaty. I hate laying down on the hot mats and crunching. The sweat becomes trapped against my skin and causes new pimples. I feel that the Winter weather is the worst to deal with. In the area where I live, we don’t get snow, but it does get super chilly. If I am especially ambitious, I wear long pants and long sleeves to work out. I will be semi-comfortable but not totally happy. Working out in freezing conditions isn’t recommended. I find it more difficult to stretch, get properly warmed up and stay upbeat for the hour long workout. I want to just rush through everything in order to get inside as quickly as possible. I also worry about injury. I would love to invest in a facility that features temperature control. I have also considered finding a health and wellness center where I could workout during the Winter season. I need someplace that offers heating.

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