Working out in a literal sauna

I work out everyday, no matter the conditions.

When I go on vacation, I always know there will be some interesting workouts.

I have worked out in a room no bigger than a closest. I have run in foreign countries and tried to use equipment written in different languages. The weirdest one is I worked out in a fitness room/spa. The rooms were separated only by a thin curtain. The heating system was not separated obviously. The space was heated just like a spa. It was around 90 degrees and the air quality was moist. Working out in super high temperatures was horrible. I was hot and sweaty before I began working out. The heating system was basically above my head while I was jumping rope and on the treadmill. Since I was apparently the only person stupid enough to work out in a hot fitness room, I had the freedom to work out in my boxers. I was in my underwear sweating to death. I took towels from the spa to mop myself up. I also had to be careful to hydrate properly. The heating combined with the heavy moisture made a dangerous combo. I could have easily gotten light headed and fallen over. It would have been embarrassing to have someone find me passed out in my underwear in the work out room. I am insane about fitness though. I worked out in that overheated room everyday of my vacation. I got used to the heavy heating and actually lost some weight. So it was not all bad.

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