Working remotely, much warmer

There are just a few simple pleasures in life that make such a huge difference to my overall outlook. I love having a supportive partner with similar housekeeping goals to reduce strain and conflict. I am blessed to have the most amazing dog on this entire planet as my very best friend and constant companion. And lastly, I’m pretty fortunate that I have a job with the option to work remotely from time to time. There is nothing more luxurious than feeling like I can skip the rat race in morning traffic and getting down to work as soon as I wake up. Another amazing part of it is having the sole responsibility to control the indoor air temperature while I work. You see, at my office there are several opinionated parties who have been locking in a continual air quality battle since I first started. Every afternoon we have a passive aggressive war in front of the thermostat, where coworkers line up to alter the indoor air temperature when no one is looking. The air quality fluctuates all day long as the AC unit is turned up and down with each individual’s unique temperature preference. It’s incredibly hard to concentrate on my work when the air is continually blowing hot and cold at random points, especially since I’m stationed right under the main air vent! That’s why it’s such a gift to stay at home and know that the thermostat will be safe while I plug away at my work. It’s the small things in life that make the biggest difference – I love knowing that while I work from home the the air quality is consistently comfortable and so is my level of productivity.

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