Working with our controls

I left High School with great expectations.  I knew that I wanted to get a job right out of school instead of going to college.  I felt like wasting four more years sitting in a classroom and paying really high tuition to do so was not for me. Instead, I found a computer programmer course that I could take at night after work.  This was the turning point in my life. I found that I had a real talent for writing programs. Then, a buddy of mine told about a company that was in the market for an installer for security cameras. I worked my way up in that company and I have been with them for nearly fifteen years now.  The one thing that has changed is the fact that I now design and program security systems for our customers. I meet with them, assess their needs and schedules, and then make sure that their system is tailored for their exact needs. I make sure to give their basic schedule to our monitoring department and as times goes on make any adjustments that are needed.  Once a year I meet with the client to go over any new concerns or upgrades that are needed. Our clients and their well being is my top priority. It really isn’t any different than servicing your car, HVAC system, or any other investment that makes your life easier or safer. The money that you invest will always be worth it when you can avoid any sort of disaster. When I think back to that first class I took I am astounded at where it led me.

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