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My fiance, Kate and I have always lived in the far northern section of the country.  Even though both of us didn’t want to sell our northern home, we were exhausted of the cold weather and all the snow.  About three years ago, we bought a second home down south. We try to divide our time between the two properties. Our main goal is to never be up north when it’s chilly enough to run the gas furnace. We both usually stay in the property up north until the end of October.  Then we head south and remain there until the end of May. Taking care of two homes is far more of a job than we both had anticipated. Although we are both not in the house during the drastic Wintertime season, we still have a need to run the gas furnace and prevent pipes from frosting then bursting.  Installing a smart control system in each of the properties has made life far easier for the both of us. The smart control equipment features Wi-Fi connections, which lets you keep track of both homes through a simple app on our phones or our laptops. At anytime, no matter where either of us are, Kate and I can check the current indoor temperature and make changes accordingly.  It’s easy to turn temperature up or down to ensure every that we come home to a perfectly comfortable home. Plus, we end up saving cash on energy bills by minimizing the use of the heating plus cooling equipment at each house. There are a whole bunch of features that allows us to operate the gas furnace and cooling system smarter. Both of us get notifications if there is an abrupt temperature change or the need for service or pipe replacement. Both of us can track energy usage and even take advantage of energy saving tips.  Although the smart control units were rather pricey, they have absolutely been worth it.

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