Working with steel and ac

I have heard people singing about working at a carwash.  I’ve heard songs about coal miners, truck drivers and rodeo clowns.  It wasn’t until I was helping my grandfather clean his garage until I had heard about a song that was about a steel worker.  Grandpa knew the song well and he sang it for me. He wasn’t sure if the record would still even if he did have an old record player to play it on.  I asked if I could borrow the record because my fiance had a record player. He told me to take it, but I had to bring it back. I took the record to my fiance and we sat and listened to the song.  I almost laughed at the corny lyrics and how he lamented about hating his job and working at the steel mill. She stopped laughing and turned to me, quite seriously. She said that everyone hated their job at one time or another.  She told me she even heard me say that I wished I had never got into HVAC for a living. I didn’t remember saying because I Ioved my job as HVAC specialist. There were some things I didn’t like, like dealing with the HVAC owners, but that was about it.  She nodded and smiled when I said about the customer. She said that if that record were written today, it may be about a HVAC technician with an encrusted air filter. Maybe it would talk about clogged ductwork, or the mouse that jumped out of the air duct.  She had me laughing but she was serious.

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