Worried about the shape of the HVAC

Last month, my wife really upset me.  It is hard to admit that i am getting older and my limitations aren’t as high as they used to be.  It is hard to know that I can’t do all of the things I once did. Sometimes I just get so frustrated and angry when I go to do something, and I can’t.  Physically, I am unable to do most anything, but mentally, I am still young. Now I just wish my eyes had stayed as young as my brain. I think they have gone along with my back.  I was ready to rip up a book the other day. I swore it was in the wrong language until my wife gave me my glasses and flipped the book for me. She smiled, but inward, I was cursing myself and my age.  I really thought I should be able to fix the air conditioner the other day. She reminded me that we had to call the HvAC company before summer came around. We had some problems by the end of the season last year, and she wanted the maintenance done and the AC repaired.  Instead of admitting that I should be giving up some of the repairs to the professional I tried to fix the AC unit. I had that blasted thing so messed up, that I thought I was going to be buying a new AC unit for the summer. We were probably due for a new AC unit, but I didn’t want to install it yet this year.  I ended up calling the HVAC company and getting them out to the house. We didn’t need a new air conditioner, but it cost me a little bit to have the old one repaired.

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