Worth the money to get a heat pump

A heat pump system is one of the most expensive HVAC systems.

That is because the initial start-up cost is so difficult.

You are getting both heating and air conditioning, so there is that to consider. The units need to connect through wiring and refrigerant tubes. They need to be on exterior walls in order to link up. If you choose to do a geothermal system, the device needs to be buried at least 50 feet underground and be in a horizontal or vertical loop pattern. That is a lot of services that need to be hired out in order to make this heat pump installation possible. Is it really worth all that money to get heating and air conditioning? In my opinion, yes it is. Look at the stats on a heat pump system. You save money each month with how this device provides a temperature control environment. You don’t need to buy fuel, worry about cracks in ductwork or really do as much HVAC maintenance as usual. Since the heat pump uses the existing energy around it, the cost of operation is significantly lower than most systems. If you add up what you save each month, the heat pump pays for itself in under a year. That is pretty impressive right? Once you get the heat pump you are getting clean indoor air quality, the possibility of zone control and a sleek, modern system in your household. I always feel that it is better to spend a little more to get a better quality product. A heat pump is no exception to this rule.


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